dimanche 16 février 2014

Chili con carne

Here are some sketches Chili con carne recipe... Just created with colors pencils and bics, very quickly! I love speedy sketches, it always makes me laugh, it relaxes... :)
Have a nice week-end,

dimanche 9 février 2014

Personal work: collages of animals

This is some time, that I started making collages. I thought it was easy, and took less time than drawing... This is absolutely wrong! As a matter of fact, collages are very long to achieve. From the point of view of color, it's very tactful.

After six month of mysery :), I'm happy with these two! I hope you enjoy...
The key is to have fun, and also have good pictures to cut! Here are images of old encyclopedias. I particulary love the atmosphere created by the engraving.
Have a good night,

mardi 4 février 2014

Atmosphere colors for the Lady Tartine

Ambiances tonales Madame Tartine

This is an atmosphere color board, made for the contine 'The lady Tartine',
At the moment, I love particularly indigo... This is a shade of dark blue, a little bit special. The word comes form Latin 'indicum': from India. This color is often associated with intuition and spirituality. It's also associated with the third eye chakra, also called chakra Indigo.

I think this color has a beautiful vibration and I love the mix between Indigo and warm and sensual colors: chocolate, coffe, apricot, peach and so many other...


lundi 3 février 2014

The lady Tartine's characters

Some characters for the contine ' the lady Tartine'... This is a song for all small, with the fairy Caraboss! I teak this post to thank you for all your visit :). Actually, the blog has been visited over 3000 !. This makes me very happy and gives me even more fun to draw and illustrate!
 I'm in the middle of my cursus in lignes & formations and there are more and more project. Contines, like 'the Lady Tartine', fairytales, classic tales and other stories are proposed by the school. I think that the diversity of stories is very intersting but not so easy!
Have a beautiful day and see you soon... :)
Lady Tartine and Mr. Gimblette

Another version of Lady Tartine and Mr. Gimblette

            The powerful prince Limonade !
All the family...

Another version of the Lady Tartine and Carabosse

And for the end, the lovely Charlotte

mardi 28 janvier 2014

Small hedgehods!

Dear readers! I'm back! :)

I had some problems with my internet connection... Sometimes computer are really complicated! But during this time, I worked a lot...

This is a professional project I made for school: two pictures on the same theme of hedgedhods. I love these little animals!! One of them (the first!) is a game page and the other a board that shows a naturalist article.

Have a nice day, L.